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Rosewheel Limited is part of Bourne Capital, the largest integrated property and leisure group in the UK, with four major Estates in London.

“We are fully committed to ensuring that Chinatown, this great London icon flourishes in the 21st Century.” - Craig Vlahakis, Operations Manager, Chinatown Estate
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Rosewheel are responsible for the management of Bourne Capital's Chinatown Estate, including Chinatown Zone, a major new development launched in 2007 which houses an international food court, bars, restaurants and retail markets, marking a new era in this famous landmark's history. Chinatown Market is a substantial retail and market space housed within the core of the Estate, providing retail space for specialist businesses, and an important destination for Londoners and tourists alike.

Rosewheel are proud to be taking an active part in the Prince of Wales's initiative to upgrade Chinatown, supporting a new sino-streetscape scheme and more public open space. This includes reducing the presence of cars, and encouraging a greater participation by local people in the preservation of this historic area.